Internet Marketing For Virtual Assistants – Online Business Manager Big Picture

A virtual assistant ready to take the next step into a proactive partnership as an online business manager will need to always be looking towards the big picture. Businesses that want to grow, especially on the Internet, will need to do the research necessary to make the decisions that will give them the most exposure for the least amount of monetary investment. This research and recommendations are the responsibility of an online business manager that a client needs today.A manager mindset is one graduating from maintenance to growth for their clients. Just taking on the daily tasks and waiting for the needs to arise is the job for an assistant. A manager brings new ideas to the table and presents them to their clients. They do the research and understand what concepts will help grow their client’s particular business. This creates an increased value in you, the online business manager, that the client can easily identify and track.An online business manager can grow their compensation differently as well. Instead of simple hourly fees or retainers, a manager can increase their fees with commission based rates directly tied to the work and recommendations they make. The training necessary to take your virtual assistant practice to one of a managerial role is expensive for a company to take on and impossible to outsource. A virtual assistant that is savvy and specially trained in today’s Internet marketing concepts is armed with the knowledge to take their business to another level: An online business manager.